Greetings from Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ
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2018 - Thanks for the memories !!
Season's Greetings to All!   Our 15th Christmas newsletter follows:

Traveling to warmer climates started right away in 2018 with a trip to Puerto Vallarta meeting up with longtime friends Steve & Bonnie from Portland.   Then, it was a week in Orlando with Mona...followed by Katie visiting her sister Linda in Houston.   February took us to Grand Cayman again, this time with Coop & Deb.

Right:   Jon, Katie, Evan, Erika, Rachel, and EJ at Epcot  

Evan did his now seemingly annual weekend in Vegas for the USA Rugby 7s...followed by our for sure annual week at Royal Palms in Orlando this time with Erika, EJ, and Rachel.   Mona made it with Jon.  Katie's sister Linda came as well.

Traveling continued with a trip to Denver to visit Erika in her new condo there.   Katie also decided to live life a little more venturously and went to Cuba with me in late June.   In late July, we did a long weekend in Dallas with a few rugby buddies for the 2nd best party we've ever been to.   In late September, we made a trip to San Francisco to catch Jeremy's wedding...Erika joined us there.

  Left: Evan & Katie in Puerto Vallarta with a "Mexican cooler"

October brought two trips with Mona...a week in Orlando and then a week again in Aruba.   We hit Bonita Springs (Naples area) in December to see Mona's new condo there.   Christmas this year should again be in Detroit area with New Year's planned in Bonita Springs.

Next up are all the events/fests near staying in the haunted Blue Room at the Story Inn, then later heading back to Story for a spirts/beer fest.   We spent a long weekend showing our Belgian friends (Anne & Peter) around Indy once again...also taking them for a sail on Eagle Creek Reservoir.

Right:   Linda, Katie, Mona, & Evan in Aruba  

We missed the Indy 500 this year...heading to Nick & Nicole's destination wedding weekend in NW Michigan.   Other Events:   Zoobilation, Jimmy Buffett, Dave Matthews, Stutz Fest, EvGP at the IMS, and Winterfest.

Enough with travels.   Erika is still in Denver working for Avant Credit.   Along with all her international travel (seeing the world), she's also enjoying all the outdoor sports both summer and winter in Colorado...including a season ski pass.   EJ moved back to Indy from Dallas into a rental house in Broad Ripple...staying there a few months before buying a different house in Broad Ripple jointly with his girlfriend Rachel.

  Left: Katie, Evan, Coop, & Deb in Grand Cayman

This last September, EJ proposed and Rachel is now his fiancee.   EJ is currently involved in Rachel's father's business... switching from engineering to business development.   To catch up on EJ's doings, it's been outlined fairly well in this newspaper article.

Katie is still handling the media presence for Des at Vida Aventura.   Katie is also enjoying her new Jeep along with one of her children back in town.   This year, Katie went through the experience of having her gall bladder removed...who needs that pesky organ anyway?   Together, we've been losing a good number of balls on our local golf course...maybe lessons next year?

Right:   Katie with her new Jeep on our way to Denver  

I (Evan) am in my 15th year as IT Manager at VS Engineering...handling 120 employees in 5 offices part time.   My main hobbies still include sailing during the summer at our local sailing club, scootering around the Indy area, and checking out every microbrewery also in the Indy area.

Below is a pictorial of many of the events throughout this last year.

We hope you and your family enjoy the Christmas season and most of all, be sure to enjoy New Year's Eve...Evan's favorite holiday!!

Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ Williams

More Pictures

Evan & Katie in Varadero area of Cuba

Evan & Katie in Grand Cayman

Linda, Mona, Katie, & Evan in Aruba

Evan, Katie, & Linda watching the sun set in Aruba

EJ & Rachel at their new house in Broad Ripple

EJ & Rachel after bagging the leaves!

Erika & Torie in Vail

Liz, Maria, Rachel, & Erika sand surfing in Colorado

The Proposal

EJ & Rachel "working" at a Jiffy Lube Convention

Melanie, Joey, Christi, Jason, EJ, Rachel, Katie, Chris, and Evan in the Fish Bowl on their engagment evening (Homecoming at Purdue)

Emily, Rachel, & EJ at the Warrior Dash - Before

EJ, Rachel, & Emily at the Warrior Dash - After

Katie & Evan at Deviate Brewing for Evan's 69th

Katie & Evan tailgating at Jimmy Buffett

Evan, Katie, & Erika in San Francisco

Erika & Katie in San Francisco

Katie taking a break walking up the hills in SF

Katie hanging onto Erika at the top of the hill in SF

Evan relaxing on St Paddy's Day in Orlando

Evan hanging at a spirits fest in Story

Nick & Nicole's destination wedding in NW Michigan

Evan, Rachel, & EJ at Taylor & Sean's wedding

Rachel & EJ at Nick & Nicole's wedding

EJ with his battery-powered go kart

EJ & Rachel - Engagement photos

EJ - Joining Rachel's formal family photo

Katie trying to keep cool in Cuba

Katie & Evan at Margaritaville in Grand Cayman

Liz, Rachel, Erika, & Maria hiking in Colorado

View from Erika's tent in Colorado

EJ in the Warrior Dash

EJ & Rachel hiking in the Rocky Mountains in the Coors Brewery

EJ & Rachel in Hawaii

EJ & Rachel in Hawaii

Erika & friends biking near Breckenridge over Labor Day

Erika & friends at a wine tasting party in Boulder

Elise, Sophia, Erika, & more Chicago friends hiking in Boulder

Erika, Nicole, & Christine at a coworker's wedding in Evanston

EJ & Rachel in Hawaii

Erika on her trip to New Zealand

Our party crew: Scott, Jane, Evan, Mona, Dell, & Donna

Katie at the helm

Evan with his cocktail in Puerto Vallarta

Mona, Katie, & Evan in Aruba

Evan, Erika, EJ, Rachel, & Katie at Epcot

Katie, Jon, Evan, Erika, & EJ at Epcot

Test Track at Epcot

EJ, Rachel, & Erika surfing at Disney Springs

Mona, Donna, & Katie in Orlando

Evan & Katie at Margaritaville at Disney Springs

Maria, Katie, Erika, Ryan, and Joey on the balcony in Erika's condo

Wayne, Madonna, & Erika at Arrowhead

Mona & Katie at the timeshare in Aruba

Mona, Linda, Evan, & Katie at the beach bar in Aruba

Evan, Katie, Rachel, & EJ at Nick & Nicole's wedding

Evan & Katie at Zoobilation

Our party crew - Jane, Dell, Katie, Donna, Evan, & Mona

Party on the docks at the Columbia Yacht Club

Katie & Erika in the kitchen

Mona & Evan doing the dominos thing in Orlando

Another party crew - James, Evan, Katie, Craig, & Lynn at Urban Vines

EJ & Rachel during their move to their new house

Joe, Dike, & Evan at a mural of Disco in Dallas

Katie, Rachel, & Erika in their matching collegiate sweaters

Mona, Katie, Linda, & Evan in Aruba

EJ, Rachel, Erika, Katie, & Evan at the Terrell Party Barn for the IU/PU football game

The crew at EJ & Rachel's engagement at the amphitheater on Slater Hill

Katie musing about life in Grand Cayman

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