Greetings from Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ

2007 was good for us !!

As many of you know, sailing has been a hobby of ours.  This year started out at the Orange Bowl Sailing Regatta in Coral Gables, Florida.   From there we visited the Kowal's in Ft. Myers checking out New Year's there on the beach.

Not to neglect the sport, though, that brought us together, in February, we did our usual ski trip right here in Indiana at Perfect North with our Sailing Club.   Spring Break brought another trip to Florida where we enjoyed our timeshare condo for the 16th year!  Erika brought Jill and EJ brought Kyle.  Evan brought Katie.

Above: Katie, Erika, and Cody

In the spring, Erika & EJ finished their sophomore and eighth grade school years respectively.  EJ played his 4th year of up tag rules and moving into tackle.   The whole team had smiles on their faces.  EJ also made the Advanced Jazz Band with his alto saxophone.   Both kids took electric guitar lessons and actually got fairly good.   EJ's band won the 2007 Eagle Idol competition at his Middle School...he at lead guitar.  Erika played a few times in a band at Eagle Church.   We're looking for a booking at VerizonWireless Music Center next year.

Left: Erika's School Pic

Both kids found employment with an occasional DJ gig for various functions.

Erika showed off her athletic prowess by doing the High Jump and Pole Vault in track for her high school.   She ended up 2nd best in girl's high-jump competition...enough to earn her athletic letter!   Then came summer break and sailing season!   Both kids competed in a midwest-wide sailboat racing competition.   We traveled almost every summer weekend hauling our Laser sailboats to sailing clubs usually in the Lake Erie area.   The highlight was a week-long youth regatta at Put-In-Bay in Lake Erie...where about 200 teens sailed by day and schmoozed by night.

Right: EJ's School Pic

Left: EJ, Kyle, Evan, Katie, Erika, and Jill at Epcot
Capping off the summer, I took EJ to the Bloomington area with four of his buddies.   We spelunked in the morning in Salamander Cave...cleaned off by swimming in the quarries (Roof Top).   Then to the IU football stadium for ultimate frisbee on the astro turf.   We took in pizza at Mother Bears and capped off the day at the new SRC playing basketball against five Chinese students!  Tired puppies for days after that!!   To those of you who are familiar with caving and the quarries, you understand why we go every year.

Right: Erika sailing a Laser

Fall brought us two teenagers both in the same high school...EJ as a freshman and Erika the matured junior.   Luckily for us, both have always been straight-A students.  Fall also brought us a daughter who now has her freedom...a driver's license!  

Unfortunately, EJ had to hang up his sax upon entering high school...and has to wait another year before he gets his driver's license.  Erika's been taking time off to visit colleges she's interested in.

Below: EJ on his Laser

Katie is still working for National Dentex in their Research Lab.   She loves the work as demonstrated by her escalating number of hours.

Below: Erika with her first car

Evan is coming off a year of Commodore of our sailing club.   He's also still the leader of the Zionsville Pathways Committee.   This spring, he'll continue coaching rugby here in at the high school.   Although he still takes emergency home computer repair clients, most of his work time is being taken up at VS Engineering where he handles all the IT responsibility.   Evan also still does the monthly newsletter for our sailing club and keeps up his basketball skills for exercise.

Left: Evan, EJ, Erika, and Katie at Put-In-Bay

That's about it for 2007.   As for the future, we're looking forward to a cruise over Christmas followed by a jaunt to Key West.

Erika will be heading off for college in 20 months...and she certainly seems to be enjoying the selection process.

EJ seems to have blossomed big-time in his new high school surroundings and will probably enjoy his next four years to the max!

Right: Erika, Evan, EJ, and Katie at the Graef's

We hope you and your family enjoy the Christmas season and most of all, be sure to enjoy New Year's Eve...Evan's favorite holiday!!

Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ Williams

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