Greetings from Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ
Author: Mostly Evan
2016 - Thanks for the memories !!
Season's Greetings to All!   Our 13th Christmas newsletter follows:

This is the first full year having kids spread across the country.   However, we still managed to get together four times this year:   1) In Chicago for Father's Day,  2) In Santa Fe for Robin's wedding,   3) In Zionsville for Thanksgiving, and   4) In Indy/Detroit for Christmas.

Right:   Katie, Erika, Evan, & EJ in Chicago  
at the Columbia Yacht Club  

2016 started at the stroke of midnight when we were downtown Indy with friends checking out the Hyatt's New Year's Eve Bash listening to the Flying Toasters.

  Left:   Evan & Katie in the Keys

Shortly after catching Chrissy & Zach's wedding on January 2nd, Katie & I flew to Miami and drove a Mustang convertible to Key West for a few days of R&R.

Later in January, we flew to Portland for a rugby gathering visiting the Doyles and Dickie.

We returned in time to host yet another Super Bowl party.   Shortly after that, Katie & Erika jetted to Vail to hit the slopes with Wayne & Madonna.

Right:   Madonna, Wayne, Erika, & Katie skiing in Vail  

Spring Break was once again spent at our normal timeshare at Marriott's Royal Palms in Orlando but this year with Tracy & Beth (along with Mona & sisters as usual).

At the end of March, Katie & I headed to Phoenix along with sister Linda to visit their other sister Eileen (and Roger) in their new home.   We also got in a visit there with long-time friend Paco and his girlfriend.

For July 4th, we checked out Vail in Colorado visiting other long-time friends Wayne & Madonna in their condo. We had so much fun that we're returning there again for New Year's Eve.

  Left:   Evan & Katie hiking in Vail

It was then that our travels slowed down when Katie went for a routine physical and a small lump was found in her breast.   A lumpectomy and radiation treatments later, and we were back at it with a visit to Orlando for the grand opening of the Dine's Dead Lizard Brewery.

In the fall, we flew to New Mexico for niece Robin's wedding and stayed for a few days checking out the state (along with a visit to old work buddy, Rick).   We celebrated at five weddings in 2016.

Right:   EJ, Katie, Erika, & Evan in Santa Fe  

Evan is now in his 13th year as IT Manager at VS Engineering.   He is still involved with Zionsville's pathways committee and ZCHS After-Prom Committee.   He loves cruising on either of his two scooters during the summer…and managed to hit six microbrewery festivals.

Katie is still substitute teaching at her pleasure in the Zionsville system as well as taking fun trips like skiing with Erika in Colorado and cruising Orlando with Mona.   Sometimes it seems her full time job is just doing all the logistics planning for our travels\life right now.

  Left:   Evan & Katie at Chrissy & Zach's wedding

Erika finished her 3rd year out of IU and is in her 3rd apartment in Chicago as an urban dweller.   She's currently managing funds for Avant Credit, living on Oak Street near the Viagra Triangle, and still quite active in the Columbia Yacht Club.   She brought a dozen friends down for the Indy 500…many first timers.

EJ is still in Dallas getting closer to production on his hoverboard program.   He just moved into his 2nd apartment still with old friend Landon and now Bobby.  

Rachel is set to join them after graduation this December... after landing a nursing job at the University of Texas Medical Center.   Also, EJ experienced a life milestone…bought his first car on his own!

Right:   Erika on her first visit to EJ in Dallas 

Below is a pictorial of many of the events throughout this last year.

We hope you and your family enjoy the Christmas season and most of all, be sure to enjoy New Year's Eve...Evan's favorite holiday!!

Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ Williams

More Pictures

Jordan, James, Evan, Eric, & Brett at Microbrewers Fest

Evan, Katie, Jane, Jackie, & Nick at Jimmy Buffett,

Katie & Evan at Coors Brewery

Katie & Evan at Bean Blossom

EJ & his gang at the Coke Lot for the Indy 500

Erika & her gang relaxing after the Indy 500

IU Rugby tailgating at Soldier Field

IU Rugby at the CRC's in Philly

Katie & Evan in Key West

Evan & Dell at the Grand Opening of the
Dead Lizard Brewery

Beth, Katie, Carolyn, Berna, Mona, & Janet at Royal Palms in Orlando

Katie in New Mexico

Evan at Royal Palms in Orlando

Eileen, Roger, Linda, Katie, & Evan in Phoenix

Donna, Dell, Evan, & Mona on Eagle Creek

EJ & Rachel in Zilker Park in Austin

Landon, Rachel, & EJ during Mardi Gras in Texas

Evan & Katie on a bike tour in Taos

Katie sampling the fruit from a cactus in Taos

Katie, Evan, & Erika on a hike near Vail

Erika, Katie, Madonna, & Evan before a bike ride in Vail

Mike, Evan, & Rachel at Deviate Brewing

Erika testing the hoverboard EJ is building

EJ on a Laser in Austin

Katie skippering our Catalina on Eagle Creek

Katie at the wheel of a big boat in Key West

Katie hanging with her best bud in Key West

EJ & Landon (shown with Katie & Rachel) getting ready to haul the Laser & trailer to Dallas
with EJ's first car - Honda Pilot

EJ grabbing a Pokemon Magikarp

Evan & Katie at the Coors Brewery

Erika & Katie checking out the Denver area

Erika & pals at the Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago

Our IU Football tailgating crew

Evan at the Vegas Olympic Rugby 7's Fest

Erika on a hike near Vail

Wayne, Madonna, & Katie on a hike near Vail

Anthony, Chelsea, Obie, Evan, Kru, Allison, & Kevin watching the Eagles in Chicago

Nipples, Coop, Evan, Ralphie, Hickey, Leo, Dickie, & Eric the Red at Connor's Pub before the Dweezil Zappa Concert at the Vogue

Josh, Torrey, and EJ at one of four weddings
EJ attended this year

EJ, Rachel, Erika, & Jason on the guns at the
IU Stadium for the IU-Purdue football game

Evan & Katie in Taos

Evan & Katie at Zoobilation

EJ & Erika at Landon's workplace deck in Dallas

Evan with his new hat in Vail

Erika, Katie, Madonna, & Wayne in Vail

Da kids at da Coke Lot for the Indy 500

Donna, Mona, Katie, Maggie, & Debbie at Matt the Miller's for Donna's birthday

Evan in Vail

Katie on a chairlift in Vail

EJ's office when in Zionsville

Our 2nd year crop of hops

EJ at the Mav's building

Katie & Madonna hiking in Vail

Wayne, Madonna, Erika, Katie, & Evan hiking in Vail

Bob, Katie, & Jenipher at our sailing club

Evan, Katie, Dot, and Claire at Justin's 4 Miler

Katie & Evan at Sam's wedding
with Brad in the background

Evan & Katie in Key West

Jordan & Katie working the NUVO table at the Microbrewer's Fest

Evan winning this year's annual Christmas family
Coo Coo game

EJ & Rachel in the Penske Suite at the Indy 500

EJ showing Erika around Dallas

Super Bowl Party at our house

Da family in Detroit for Tess's 90th birthday gathering

Da family in Santa Fe for Robin's wedding

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