Greetings from Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ

2003 was good for us !!

It started with New Year's a year ago in Vail. We were invited to do some skiing there (with kids) by our good, but remote friends (LA area), Wayne & Madonna.   Colorado skiing is the best!

Next in 2003 was a surprise.   There appeared a small notice in the Zionsville newspaper about a rugby club being started in the high school.   This was the start of considerable activity.   Evan volunteered to help coach (along with 4 other ex-players living in the area).   It spilled over into summer practices and eventually into fall practices, helping setup a girl's high school rugby team, and now a 5th grade team at the middle school that EJ essentially initiated.

EJ would bring his rugby ball to school and picked up 10-20 other 5th graders to play during recess!   Evan was also a major proponent in having rugby fields designed into a new 37-acre park currently being developed here in Zionsville.

Katie started out the year doing part time work at a local dental laboratory and ended up with almost full time work for Junior Achievement specifically in their Exchange City operation.   She's starting to do a little overnight travel now.   Evan is still doing the occasional IT consulting.   As this is being written, we currently have seven PCs on our home network (two wireless and two others built with the components mounted onto a wooden board).   Evan also is the full-time part-time IT Guy for The King Group.

March brought our usual trek to Orlando over spring break staying at our time share condo with the Cordells...sharing each other's timeshare week taken back to back for two weeks.   Although, with kids in 4th & 6th grades, we only stayed 1.5 weeks.   Couldn't miss too much school!   While in Orlando this year, we helped the Dines celebrate their son's graduation from a school in Orlando (a great gathering of friends at Royal Palms)...and took the trek to the St. Pete area to hit the beach with the Kowals and Birks.

Kids summer activities were baseball for EJ (did some pitching) and gymnastics for Erika.   EJ also spent time in Tech Club (has his own website: and Erika in Tri-M, whatever that is.   This year also had two elections for which Evan ran the polls...being the Republican Precinct Committeemen for our precinct.

June was traumatic for Katie who celebrated a half-century of life.   Shortly afterwards, both kids went off for a weeklong summer camp at Camp Tecumseh.   With all the activities during the summer (mostly in our cul-de-sac), we only busted out for a quick camping trip to the Lake Michigan shoreline (Indiana Dunes and South Haven) over a long weekend.   This summer, Katie finally got to break away in the evenings for ladies' racing at our sailing club.   Evan is still an officer in the club doing the monthly newsletter.   Katie also busted out for a long weekend trip to New York City along with her two sisters.

In the fall, school started back up with EJ in the 5th grade and Erika the 7th...both in the same school now (Zionsville Middle School).   Also, due to a sub shortage, Evan volunteered to substitute teach in the Zionsville School system.   Recently, once flu season hit, he has been called to substitute almost every day...mostly in the high school.

Other activities we did during the year include: EJ and Evan doing the Indianapolis 500; the whole family going to Minneapolis for cousin Ken's wedding; and Evan doing a long weekend at Lake Cumberland on a houseboat as well as another long weekend at Lake Monroe.   Evan is still playing basketball 2-3 times a week.   EJ took up the alto saxophone while Erika is continuing the flute.   On weekday evenings now, Katie gets the pleasure of listening to all three other family members with their instrument practice (Evan dusted off his old trombone).

That's about it for 2003....and we're looking forward to next year.   Although we miss our friends back on Moore Road, life on the cul-de-sac here in Zionsville is always go go go!

Enjoy the Christmas season and most of all, be sure to enjoy the best party of the year: New Year's Eve!!

Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ Williams

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