Greetings from Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ
Author: Mostly Evan
2015 - Thanks for the memories !!
Seasons Greetings to All!   We hope this Christmas letter finds you and your families well.   It has been a good year for us, with many new adventures.   May we share some of them with you…
Right:   Katie, EJ, Erika, & Evan  

Spring Break was once again spent at our normal timeshares in Orlando with sister Linda, Mona (and some friends), and some Dines.   .

  Left:   Stormy, Rich, Arizona, Mona, Janet, and Katie in Orlando

EJ once again used our other week for his last spring break in Ft. Lauderdale....  

Right:   The Beach Bums! 

Spring brought EJ's graduation from Purdue in Electrical Engineering.   He did one final EV Grand Prix and had the honor speaking at graduation (to listen/watch, click Here).   Two days later, he took off for an extended tour of Europe with two of his best buds seeing 10 countries there.

Meanwhile, Erika took off to the Canary Islands with two of her best buds.   She's still in Chicago living downtown in Harbor Point condos - now working at Avant Credit; one of Wall Street Journal's top billion-dollar startups (might be a keeper).   Erika continues to spend time at the Columbia Yacht Club.

  Left:   Erika & Lauren

Katie's continuing to substitute teach in the Zionsville system.   She hightails it up to Chicago for time with Erika whenever possible!

Right:   EJ & Erika in London visiting Kate 

In late summer, Evan couldn't talk anyone into going with him, so he went to Cuba for a couple weeks on his own.   Just ask, he'd love showing the pics.   This year, Evan notched his 11th year as the IT Guy at VS Engineering.   He finally gave up helping coach Zionsville’s high school rugby team, but still referee'd and announced other rugby games.

  Left:   Evan with a mojito in Cuba

Also in late summer, EJ started his first professional job after college down in Dallas designing/ producing hoverboard scooters for Mark Cuban Companies.   We did the U-Haul trip moving all his possessions down there in early November.   Long time family buddy Landon quit his Indy job and moved to Dallas with EJ.   Interestingly, of the first four weeks in his new job, EJ spent two of them in China.

Meanwhile now, as official empty nesters, Evan decided on a goal of visiting every microbrewery in the Indy area...our current score is 44 with 2 yet to go!   We're all looking forward to the grand opening in January-ish of the Dead Lizard Brewery being started in Orlando by long time friends Dell & Donna Dine and their family.

Below is a pictorial of many of the events throughout this last year.

We hope you and your family enjoy the Christmas season and most of all, be sure to enjoy New Year's Eve...Evan's favorite holiday!!

Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ Williams

More Pictures

EJ & Rachel jet skiing

EJ & Rachel sailing

Erika in Utah visiting cousin Nick

Erika in the Canary Islands

Evan, Katie, & Erika at an IU Old Boys Rugby game

Evan & Katie at the Badgers

U-Haul loaded for Dallas

Evan & Katie in Deep Elum in Dallas

EJ & Erika for Halloween in Chicago

EJ at the Louvre

Katie & Erika in Chicago

EJ blowing snow in Zionsville

EJ & Erika at the Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago

EJ skydiving

EJ getting some award at Purdue

EJ, Mark, Erika, & Landon at IU Old Boys

EJ in his Lab

EJ testing a hoverboard like he's building

Erika & friend Kate in the Canaries

Erika in Indy for March Madness

Evan showing his conflictions (IU vs Purdue)

Katie & Evan - Prom King & Queen! Ha!

Katie with her Brown Bag (new wineskin)

Katie in the big chair at the KnawBrew

EJ speaking at Commencement

Katie, EJ, Erika, & Evan at Graduation

Mona & Katie mending the boat

Katie sailing

EJ & Evan at Purdue's Old Boys

Old Boys Rugby game at Purdue

Evan & Katie at the Warrior Dash

EJ & Rachel at the Warrior Dash

EJ & Rachel at the Warrior Dash

Evan, Nancy, Katie, & Mark at Bloomington's BrewFest

Erika & EJ in London

EJ & Rachel at Put In Bay

Erika & EJ in London

EJ at the Coliseum

Mona & Katie at Breakfast Club

Abby, EJ, & Rachel dressed for Breakfast Club

Mona, EJ, & Katie at the Boilermaker Ball

Evan & Katie at Zoobilation

EJ & Rachel at Put In Bay

Erika in the Canaries

Katie & Erika kayaking the Chicago River

EJ on the Great Wall of China

EJ's adorned Homecoming poster

Purdue's Homecoming parade with Joey, EJ, & Meg

EJ with EV kart heading to the IMS

EJ, Rachel, Katie, & Evan doing Go Ape

Tess's 90th Birthday Party

Jay & Rachel's wedding with rugby guys

Erika & Katie

Katie relaxing at the Kowals

Alumni Rugby Game at IU

Alumni Rugby Game at Purdue

Katie & Mona at the Ladies' Sailing Regatta at the Eagle Creek Sailing Club

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