Greetings from Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ

2005 was good for us !!

The year started with going skiing right here in Indiana at Perfect North on a trip with our Sailing Club.   To help get through the winter, we enjoyed our normal time share week in Orlando over Spring Break.  This year, since our spring break didn't cooincide with the Cordells (our normal spring break traveling "pardners"), the kids each brought friend along on the trip.

Finishing off the 2004-2005 school year was a season EJ will never forget.  The 5th/6th grade rugby team he formed (and Evan coached), ended up winning the State Championship for the second straight year.  He is now helping organize his 7th grade rugby team for a three-peat!  EJ is also continuing with the saxophone and won the best woodwind award for his class.   In his spare time, he is now taking electric guitar lessons and hopes to find a band somewhere to join or start.  He still enjoys the occasional DJ gigs he gets during the summers.

Meanwhile, Erika dropped flute and also picked up electric guitar lessons.  But, Erika is playing with bands formed by the youth group at Eagle Church.  She competed in the high-jump on the 8th grade track team earlier this year, but gave it up now as a 9th grader.

Both kids fell in love with California this last summer on a trip we took visiting Wayne & Madonna in Orange County.  We have a couple of surfing wannabies here.  They also both enjoy our ski trips which are far too infrequent in their eyes.  Our biggest problem with the kids comes from our leniency we extend them for their success in school…both are straight-A kids at Zionsville.  It’s a close line between spoiling kids rotten with leniency or rewarding them for their supposed deserved distinction….Parenting!

During the summer, we rarely saw much of Erika amongst all the traveling she did.  First she went boating for a week with her friend Charlotte…only to return and head off to Camp Tecumseh (with EJ) for another week.  After returning from our California trip, Erika immediately left for a mission trip to Tennessee with her church youth group.  This was followed by another trip to Michigan again with her church group (they sure get around, huh?).  EJ stuck around the Indy area and amongst other things, attended a couple sailing regattas in the area.  He also organized another caving trip to Salamander Cave near the Bloomington area…as well as a trip to swim in the quarries...again in the Bloomington area.

Meanwhile, Katie’s been holding down the most traditional job in the family…working in the national Research & Development Department for National Dentex Corporation.  For her, it’s a dream job of investigating all the cutting edge technology in the dental laboratory industry while still on a part time basis…although, it still runs about four days per week (not too part time, huh?).

One of her tasks is to publish an R&D update newsletter every few months to keep all 40-some dental labs in National Dentex abreast of the new technologies she’s been testing.  She also moderates a technical forum that allows all the labs to communicate ideas and solutions.  This summer, she did manage a week trip to Hilton Head Island with her two sisters visiting her parents celebrating their 80th birthdays!

Evan is still keeping far too active…other than coaching EJ's rugby team as well as lending organizational support for the three other rugby teams in Zionsville, he's still squeezing in his twice-a-week basketball jaunts (three during the winter) to help keep somewhat fit.   He also spends time as a member of the Zionsville Parks Recreation Board and the Zionsville Pathways Committee.   We are still actively sailing at our Sailing Club at Eagle Creek, Evan continues to publish the Club's monthly newsletter and was just elected Commodore for this coming year!  That's EJ on the Laser to the left.   Wouldn't you just love to let him take you for a sail next summer? Ha!!

Evan, is also a Republican Precinct Committeemen running the polling station for our precinct.  His involvement with the Indiana University Rugby Club has not subsided.   He continues to organize the worldwide communication of the IU rugby alumni who, much through these efforts, are taking a larger role with the current team on campus.

Finally, Evan's IT work (home & small business computer consulting) has hit stride.   He can hardly keep up with all the calls and commitments he has.   But, he's finally found something he absolutely loves to do that he can even help earn a living doing.  As of the writing of this annual update, there are still nine computers (and one server) actively networked in our house.   During the winter computer season, our house is a continual hit with the neighborhood friends!

That's about it for 2005....and we're looking forward to next year.   Although we miss our friends back on Moore Road, life on the cul-de-sac here (Sunflower Court) in Zionsville is always go go go!

We hope you and your family enjoy the Christmas season and most of all, be sure to enjoy New Year's Eve...Evan's favorite holiday!!

Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ Williams

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EJ & Kyle swimming at Roof Top Quarry