Greetings from Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ
Author: Mostly Evan
2017 - Thanks for the memories !!
Season's Greetings to All!   Our 14th Christmas newsletter follows:
Right:   EJ & Rachel  

We finished 2016 with EJ's annual Christmas party in Zionsville then driving to Detroit to spend Christmas Eve with Katie's family.   This year, EJ won the annual Barbone family Coo Coo game which sports a 30+ year trophy and plenty of intra-family fame.   Rachel graduated from Purdue in December and moved to Dallas to join EJ down there as a registered nurse at the UT Southwestern Emergency Room.

Katie and Evan flew to Denver to spend New Year's in Vail with Wayne & Madonna. Also, in late 2016, both EJ and Erika bought their first cars (Honda Pilot & Ford Escape)!

Left:   Beth, Katie, Madonna, & Evan in Beaver Creek

In early January, Katie & Evan went to Grand Cayman for two weeks in Disco's villa there with the Doyles, Schubachs, and Raczeks.   Come March, we again took our spring break in Orlando along with Mona (and her family) and Tracy & Beth.

Come April, we drove to Chicago and packed up our van with almost all of Erika's belongings…then the next week, we drove to Denver and helped Erika move into an apartment.   She negotiated an opportunity to work remotely to stay with Avant Credit…continuing into her 3rd year of employment there.

Right:   Evan & Katie at Disco's Villa in Grand Cayman  

Less than two weeks later, Erika and friend Kate took off for a two-week tour of Vietnam!   Meanwhile, we decided to retire our 20 year old red Sunfire convertible and picked up a new red Camaro convertible.   Yeah - perfect for summer when we don't travel quite as much.   Katie also decided we needed a new look for our back patio…including now a firepit.  

Katie and Evan decided to start a new sport this summer…golf!   We're now looking for lessons.   Erika also managed to find sailing, even in Denver, where she volunteered throughout the summer to teach adults in a social learn-to-sail league.   We did also manage to use the sailboat quite a bit this summer.

Left:   Erika moving to Denver.

Meanwhile, EJ finished designing the MOOV hoverboard and successfully launched it on Kickstarter in June.   We got to watch EJ featured on Indy’s Channel 6 News.   Now that the hoverboard is complete, EJ is on to his next venture and plans to return to Indy with Rachel early next year (after Rachel completes a full year at her hospital).  

Currently, EJ seems to balance between being a freelance engineer for startups, a development advisor for Purdue’s evGrand Prix, and will eventually start working under Rachel’s dad to learn their family business in franchising.

In late summer, Evan once again toured Cuba…this time in the more prosperous Varadero area.   On return, Evan took off to Monroe Reservoir for the annual guy's weekend with Jack & the Daves…then right back to Bloomington for Evan's 50th high school class reunion (yes…you read that right) and then 55th IU Rugby alumni weekend.   He's been a busy traveler this year.

Right:   Katie, Mona, Evan, Jim, and Annette in Aruba  

September brought Katie back to Denver…this time to help Erika get ready to move into a condo.   Yes, Erika is now a homeowner!   EJ, Rachel, and Landon flew to Denver in October to help Erika move in while Katie & Evan were in Aruba with Mona.

Left:   Landon, EJ, & Rachel "helping" Erika move into her new condo.

Later for Thanksgiving weekend, Evan and Katie drove to Denver to help renovate Erika's new condo.   Of course, we then just had to spend a week in the Avon/Vail area hiking & skiing since we were so close (once again seeing Wayne & Madonna).

Right:   Erika & Katie hiking in Colorado. 

Overall in 2017, Evan is on his 14th year managing IT part time for VS Engineering.   Katie started working at Vida Aventura also part time.   Evan took on Prez of Zionsville's Pathways Committee again and also helped once again with the high school After-Prom Committee.   Erika is moving farther away (Chicago to Denver) while EJ is moving back to Indy.

Finishing 2017 will once again bring EJ's Christmas party, then back to the Detroit area for Christmas with Katie's mom & family.

Left:   Bobby, Tito, Rachel, EJ, & Landon in their Christmas card pic.

Note:   To view EJ's Christmas site, Click Here

Below is a pictorial of many of the events throughout this last year.

We hope you and your family enjoy the Christmas season and most of all, be sure to enjoy New Year's Eve...Evan's favorite holiday!!

Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ Williams

More Pictures

Evan snowshoeing in the Vail area

Katie snowshoeing in the Vail area

Katie, & Evan, & Beth shoeshoeing

Katie & Evan at the Arrowhead Ski Lodge

EJ & Erika skiing in Park City

Rachel, Erika, & EJ skiing in Park City

Erika at the Columbia Yacht Club

Mona & Katie on eagle Creek

Skipper Katie at the tiller

Our roof gets a new do this year

Evan splitting wood from the woods

Evan in Grand Cayman

Katie in Grand Cayman

Steve, Bonnie, Katie, & Evan in Grand Cayman

Steve & Bonnie and Katie & Evan

Katie & Evan at the Cayman Island Brewery

Katie & Evan in Grand Cayman

Orlando with Carolyn, Janet, Mona, Donna, ??, Beth, Katie, & Dani

Katie & Beth in Orlando

Evan & Katie at the Lebanon Brewfest

Our backyard garden of hops (3rd year)

Drew, Megan, Katie, & Evan at the Plainfield Brewfest

Drew, Megan, & Evan at the Gnawbrew Beerfest

Evan drove straight to Deviate from the dealership

In the Miss Indiana parade

Erika & Katie going for a cruise

The Sunfire being moved to its new home in Ohio

EJ, Rachel, & ?? on a promo shoot

EJ on a promo shoot for the MOOV

Erika just bought her new condo in Denver

Erika with Maria on her first "14er"

EJ and his MOOV team

Collage for Erika

Katie in Constance's studio for the Stutz Open House

Evan in Constance's studio for the Stutz Open House

EJ living on his own in Dallas now doing his own shopping

Erika attending one of the many weddings this summer

Landon & EJ on the deck of Boston Consulting in Dallas

Rachel & EJ

EJ & Rachel with Harry's owners Mary & Hershel

Evan at Purdue's Homecoming

Evan & EJ at Purdue's Homecoming

The Fishbowel at Harry's for Maggie's graduation

The crew at Mona's birthday gathering

Debbie & Katie at Scarlet Lane Brewery

The gals at wine & music in Fishers

The golf crew for the 55th IU Rugby Alumni reunion

Evan on the mic announcing the IU Rugby game

Katie & Disco at the Alumni weekend

Disco & Evan at Nick's

Evan with his IU football tailgating buds

The whole gang at the 55th IU Rugby Alumni Weekend

Evan with Katie & Mona in Aruba

Evan with Katie & Mona in Aruba

Evan & Katie on a booze cruize in Aruba

Mona, Annette, & Katie caught in the nets

Evan, Katie, Mona, Jim, & Annette at Baby Beach in Aruba

Evan on a beach in Varadero, Cuba

The Varadero beaches in Cuba are indeed beautiful

Evan's Bloomington High School 50th Class Reunion

EJ beat Rachel to win the 31st annual Coo Coo Christmas family game

Uncle Ed Barbone on EJ's MOOV

EJ & Rachel dressed up for something

EJ & Rachel in Vegas

Evan & Katie out on the Town

Evan & Katie on the beach

Evan, Claire, Chris, & Katie in Nashville

Evan & Katie with Bill & Julia at Zoobilation

Super Bowl pary at Pac's

Katie & Lynn with full bins of blueberries

Katie, Evan, & Erika in Denver

Rich, Lisa, Evan, Katie, & Mona at Carb Day

Evan & Katie watching the solar eclipse

Coop & Evan lounging in Eagle Creek

Evan & Katie at the new Urban Vines Winery

EJ's whole MOOV group in a Dallas St. Paddy's Day parade

EJ & Rachel in LA

EJ & Rachel at the Red Rock Amphitheater outside Denver

Using our new firepit for a neighbor gathering for James' 50th birthday

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