Greetings from Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ
Author: Mostly Evan
2014 - Thanks for the memories !!
Seasons Greetings to All!   We hope this Christmas letter finds you and your families well.   It has been a good year for us, with many new adventures.   May we share some of them with you…
Right:   Katie & Evan at Ralston's 

Spring Break was once again spent at our normal timeshare in Orlando.   Donna Dine and (sometimes Dell) joined us along with long-time friend Mona Cordell who shared her timeshare with her sisters Janet, Carolyn, and Suzanne.

  Left:   Evan, Donna, Katie, and Rich in Orlando

EJ used our other week for his spring break in Ft. Lauderdale...heard he had a new record for friends crashing at that condo.   Spring also brought a work-related trip for Katie to Las Vegas where Evan tagged along.   He was able to get a nice visit in with IU rugby buddy, LJ.

Once spring break concluded, EJ set to organizing yet another Electric Vehicle Grand Prix for Purdue, which brought 5 or 6 teams to our garage to finish work on the go karts before the big race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.   For 4 days, Sunflower Court was the test site of electric vehicle technology.   We apologize to our neighbors if any 4am test runs disturbed the peace.   EJ’s team came in 1st (out of 20-some karts) with Chip Challis at the wheel.

Right:   EJ with his winning EV race team 

Come summer, EJ took off for California to intern at Tesla Motors in Palo Alto, while staying with his cousin Jeremy Rahe.   Katie left NDX after working for them off & on since 1979…which let her enjoy a much deserved “summer off.”

  Left:   Katie & Erika selfie at the Bean

Erika left Bank of America (Financial Analyst in Investment Banking) after her first year and picked up with FactSet Research Systems; a software company serving the financial industry.   Erika also moved into Harbor Point condos in downtown Chicago, which is across the street from the Columbia Yacht Club.   Needless to say, it didn’t take her long to join that club and become part of the racing crowd on Lake Michigan.

We started our summer with yet another Zoobilation serving as Katie's birthday present.   Also, with both kids gone this summer, Evan & Katie finally got exclusive use of our sailboat.   We also had the goal to hit all 29 microbreweries in the Indy area.   Only 1 left to go!   Somehow, we also managed to make 5 polo matches this summer…as well as Katie’s first Mudathlon (one of hopefully many)!

Right:   Katie and Erika at Polo in Zionsville  

Fall started out with numerous tailgating adventures mostly to Purdue with Mona and a few at IU staying at Ski’s.   Celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, Katie & Evan went on a trip to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.   This trip was actually an inspiration started by Erika, as she had planned an adventure there first.   We thought, why not us?!

So, we met Erika in Chicago and flew to Croatia together.   After spending a few days in Split (the second largest city and a port town), Erika took off on a sailing junket while Katie & Evan traveled around Dalmatia, exploring the walled city Dubrovnik and other islands.   Evan & Katie celebrated their actual 30th anniversary date with a trip to Nashville, Indiana catching up with Barb & Duncan.

  Left:   Evan, Erika, and Katie in Croatia

EJ headed back to West Lafayette for his senior year at Purdue (Electrical & Computer Engineering)…living off campus with 3 friends.   He not only kept busy with his involvement in Mortar Board, Old Masters, Purdue Foundation Student Board, sailing team, Delta Chi, Electric Vehicle Club, and campus tour guide, he was also elected Homecoming King!   Looks like growing up in an IU household didn't hold EJ back from becoming King of Purdue!

Right:   Purdue Homecoming King EJ with Queen Meg 

Also in the fall, Katie started substitute teaching in the Zionsville school system to bide her time until she figures out what’s next.   In early November, Evan & Katie made the trek to Chicago’s Soldier Field for the Woodstock of rugby… the US Eagles took on the New Zealand All Blacks!   First time ever in the United States that 60,000 rugby players were in one place!   That town was rockin’.

  Left:   EJ and Evan at Jimmy Buffett

This year, Evan notched his 10th year as the IT Guy at VS Engineering.   He also continued helping coach Zionsville’s high school rugby team, refereeing rugby games, and announcing the Zionsville home games.   Other activities included Zionsville’s Pathways Committee, high school After-Prom committee, and working the polls on Election Day.

Right:   EJ and Erika at the IU-Purdue football game 

Thanksgiving this year had all four of us (and guest Bill Harrington) in Zionsville for a great home-cooked meal by Master Chef Katie.   Christmas break will take us back to suburban Detroit to visit with Katie’s extended family and mom.   Then…it’s back to Zville for a New Year’s Party at Nick’s place!!

We hope you and your family enjoy the Christmas season and most of all, be sure to enjoy New Year's Eve...Evan's favorite holiday!!

Evan, Katie, Erika, and EJ Williams

More Pictures

Katie snow blowing

Mountain of snow

Evan, Katie, and Nick at Jimmy Buffett

Erika, Joe, and Katie at the Mattingly family Bash

Katie & EJ moving EJ out of Delta Chi

SuperGirl Katie moving EJ's sofa into his fall apartment

Erika on her Croatia sailing trip

Erika's selfie with her GoPro

Evan & Katie with EJ at his Motor Board induction

EJ looking like a Purdue grad

Evan kickin' back, while...

Katie's at the Helm!

Katie, Evan, & Erika at Outlier's Brew Pub

Erika at Barbie's lake house on the 4th

Evan on da boat again

Katie's selfie

Katie & Evan at Zoobilation

Evan at Zac Brown concert

At Zoobilation with the "other" Dave & Mona

At Zoobilation with Marje & Tim

Katie playing dress up in the Jagermeister Tent

Katie measuring the snow bank

EJ landing in SF for his internship

EJ at Tesla!!

Evan, Erika, and Katie in Croatia

Katie & Mona with EJ at Purdue's Homecoming

EJ with his EV Go Kart buds

The EV Go Kart teams taking over our garage

The New Year's Pre-Party

Katie & Dorothy relaxin'

EJ's campaign poster

EJ with Old Master's pardner Jordan

EJ on one of Google's Bicycles on their campus

EJ cruisin' campus after his coronation

Erika taking a leap from Dabrovnik's wall-shore

Erika taking a GoPro selfie off the shore of Chicago

Pan of the EV Go Karts in our garage

Erika's domain in Chicago.   Columbia Yacht Club's ship (the large cruise-type ship on the left).
Her condo is in the black high-rise on the right.

Evan & IU Rugby alums tailgating at the Eagles/All Blacks rugby game in Chicago

Evan & Katie doing a Mudathlon - The ol' BEFORE & AFTER

EJ & Meg with Mitch at halftime

EJ with Purdue Engineering friend Andrea who was also interning in SF
On a rooftop in Chinatown overlooking SF (During a DropBox company party)

EJ on Highway One on an excursion to LA

This year's Zionsville high school alumni game (Evan & EJ)

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